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Sprinkler Winterizing
is one of the most important steps you can take to maintain your sprinklers and protect your investment.  Here at Metro Denver Sprinkler, LLC  we offer a full guarantee on sprinkler winterizing.* 
If your system experiences freeze damage after we have serviced it for the season, we will make the necessary repairs free of charge.*
Book your appointment for sprinkler winterization early.  Time slots fill extremely quickly.   
Winterization typically takes place early to mid October.  In most cases, our technician will need access to the inside of the house in order to shut the water off and drain the pipe, as well as access to the sprinkler timer.  Most homes are winterized within 30 minutes and are charged for the service call fee plus half of one hour.  Larger than average systems will take more time, thus increasing the time charge.

If you have not yet winterized your system and a freeze is anticipated, there are steps you can take in an attempt to protect from damage until you are able to winterize**  Follow the steps below, or watch our YouTube tutorial here:
Step 1

1.  Turn the water to your system off.  If you have a drain, unscrew the drain cap (underneath yellow handle, being pointed to in picture) and place a bucket or other receptacle underneath.  Do not lose the drain cap!!!  

Step 22.  Outside on the backflow preventer, there are typically 4 valves.  Two are handles running along the pipes (blue handles in picture), and the handles need to be turned to a 45 degree angle (not horizontal or vertical).  Two valves (test cocks) are nobs on the side (sticking out of left side of backflow in picture).  Using a flat head screwdriver, these also need to be turned to a 45 degree angle.  This step breaks the vacuum seal and allows the water standing inside these pipes to drain into the receptacle you left inside.  

Step 43.  Wrap the backflow preventer to provide an added layer of insulation.  A towel or blanket can be wrapped around and then covered with a garbage bag.

4.  Turn your timer to the off position.
Please see the "Prices" tab for current rates.
Call or email for details.
*Winterizing service must be performed by Metro Denver Sprinkler, LLC prior to the first freeze of the season.  We are not liable for damages caused by not winterizing in a timely manner.  System must be activated by Metro Denver Sprinkler, LLC the following spring in order to validate the warranty.  Please contact us with further questions.
**Advice given on this page is not guaranteed to prevent damage, but given simply as a guide to help protect when possible.  
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